There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Cambodia is as safe, if not safer than all neighboring countries. You must use common sense and be aware. The biggest crimes against tourists in Cambodia are bag snatching by teenagers on motorbikes, and pickpockets.


Landmines although a huge problem in rural Cambodia, are not a problem at all for BBTC. We travel the main roads, so you need not worry about landmines at all.


There are banks and ATM’s in every place we visit.


No. We do however suggest you obtain an international driving permit, without this permit your travel insurance provider may refuse to cover you. As with most things in Cambodian, not having a license is really not an issue.


Yes, Cambodia does actually have a compulsory helmet law. The fact that 50% of people don’t wear a helmet is irrelevant. You can bring your own helmet or buy a Thai made helmet here in Cambodia. The only time we remove our helmets whilst riding is for an occasional photo opportunity.


You will need your own personal travel insurance. Read the small print on your policy and make sure you are covered riding LARGE motorcycles and covered for a medical evacuation if necessary. In the event of a motorcycle accident you will be responsible for the first $2000 damage to the motorcycle you are riding and an additional first $1000 for any other vehicle/property you may damage.


Big Bike Tours Cambodia are not about speed. We travel at safe speeds and ride to the conditions. Our average speed on good roads is about 90 kilometers per hour. No man has ever been left behind and that is the way we intend to keep it.


These days we often travel into Thailand and visit the island of Koh Chang. We can travel into Laos but it is a long way to travel on often bad roads.