Day One
You will be collected from your hotel and driven a few kms down route 6 where we will begin the tour. We will travel the first 30 kms before leaving route 6 and heading east towards Vietnam. We will skirt the Vietnam border stopping for lunch in Snoul. From Snoul we travel onto Sen Monorom in Mondilkiri Province. We will check into one of Cambodia’s finest resorts in the luxurious Mayura Hill Resort.

Day Two
We will spend most of the day relaxing in Sen Monorom with a short 70 km ride to one of Cambodia’s finest waterfalls, the Boosra Waterfalls. For the adventurous and young at heart there is now a classic Zipline at Boosra Falls The zipline is optional.

Day Three
From Sen Monorom we travel to Ban Lung in Ratnikiri province. A few years ago  the Ratnikiri to Mondilkiri “road” was known as the Death Highway. A hard day’s ride through sand and creeks on a trail bike. Now it is one of the great roads to ride in Cambodia. Lunch we be in the village of Koh Nheak. After lunch we will continue onto Ban Lung and check into the Yeakloam Hotel & Spa

Day Four
Depart from Ban Lung early and travel to Kratie. In Kratie we check into the River Dolphin Hotel.  After lunch we will travel to the village of Kampi, 15 kms from Kratie to see the extremely endangered Irrawaddy Freshwater Dolphins. Not quite as acrobatic as there salt water cousins but still well worth a look.

Day Five
We will depart early as today is the longest ride of the tour, approximately 360 kms. We travel to the province of Preah Vihear. On the ride today we will see another endangered species, the Cambodian Forests which continue to be decimated by illegal logging. We will stop for lunch in Preah Vihear City before travelling to the village of Sra Em, this village has the nearest hotels to the Preah Vihear Temple complex.
We will check into the excellent Preah Vihear Boutique Hotel

Day Six
Travel the 35 odd kms to the Preah Vihear Temples. We will travel to the base camp by Motorcycles followed by a trek up the mountain for those with the enthusiasm. This is optional. Your Australian guide will be waiting with the Bikes until you return. 
The alternative is to spend a lazy day by the pool and/or a cruise on your Bike around the area.

Day Seven
 We will depart Sra Em and travel to Siem Reap where we’ll check into the Sokharoth Hotel.   In the evening we will head down to Pub Street for a meal and a few drinks.

Day Eight
Today is the day we visit the world famous Angkor Wat and neighbouring Temples. The visit to the temples is optional, should you choose to visit the temples we will organize Tuk Tuks or Taxis and a specialist English speaking guide.

Day Nine
Depart Siem Reap and travel to Cambodia’s second city Battambang for lunch and a swim at the Bambu Hotel, we will also have time for a trip on the Norry, known to Westerners as the Bamboo Train. The days of the Norry are numbered as progress will soon see the Bamboo Train confined to history.

After Lunch we will depart Battambang and head to Pursat where we will stay at the K.M. Hotel.  There is not too much to see or do in Pursat but it is about halfway between Siem Reap and Kampot and the K.M. is a very nice hotel with a massive swimming pool.

DAY 10; Depart Pursat and travel to Kampot. In Kampot we check into what I consider to be the best guesthouse in Cambodia, the Mea Culpha Guest House. h  That night we will do a boat trip up the Kampot River, which is actually an estuary. This trip is optional.

DAY 11; Depart Kampot and travel to Tatai, a small village 30 kms from the Thai Border on the Tatai River. In Tatai we check into the beautiful Tatai Hotel Resort and Marina.  

DAY 12; We will visit what was the last frontier town of Koh Kong in the morning and have lunch in Koh Kong. A visit to the border crossing and Casino is an optional possibility. After lunch we will do a complimentary boat trip to the Tatai Waterfall.

DAY 13; Depart Tatai and travel to Sihanoukville. A few years back the road from Koh Kong to Route 4 was 150 kms of dirt road with 4 ferry crossings. It is now a magnificent ride through the Cardamon Mountains In Sihanoukville we will book into the Nataya Holiday Villa.   

DAY 14;  Today we will have a lazy day in Sihanoukville. For those with the enthusiasm we will go for a short ride out to Ream National Park via Otres Beach. In Ream for those who like their guns big we can visit the Shooting Range at the Ream Navy Base.  Also a fishing trip, a diving trip or trip out to the islands can be organized, just ask. On the way to Sihanoukville we have the option of a trip to Ream National Park.
For those less enthusiastic, simply spend a day on the beach or preferably a day at a beach bar!

DAY 15;  Today we depart Sihanoukville and ride one of the great rides in South East Asia. We will ride up (and down) Bokor Mountain, or as one client described it “The Swiss Alps Of  The Tropics”. On top of the mountain are an assortment of old and new projects. The mountain top is currently (albeit slowly) being transformed into a Billion dollar playground for Cambodia’s elite. The most well-known features are the old and new Casinos amongst other ruins in what was once an expensive play area for the French colonists back before the wars. After we descend the mountain we will travel to Kep for our final night of the tour and book into The Beach House.    For our last night on tour we will visit the famous Crab Shack Market restaurants for a Seafood feast.

DAY 16;  Today we depart Kep and return to Phnom Penh. We will make a slight detour and visit the city of Takeo where we will have lunch at a terrific French restaurant, the almost impossible to find Kampot Bistro. From Takeo we will travel back to Phnom Penh. For those interested we will make 1 sombre final stop at Choeng Ek, the Killing Fields.  After the killing Fields we will travel the last 15 kms back to Murray’s Place rooftop bar  we will have a complimentary BBQ and beers before you are driven back to your hotel.

All clients are asked to the FAQ page on my website.


  • One Harley Davidson motorcycle.
  • One double room with breakfast.
  • Fuel.
  • Boat trip to Tatai Waterfall.
  • One BBTC Polo Shirt per person.
  • One BBTC Long Sleeve Riding Shirt per person.


  • Personal Travel Insurance.